Of Desolate Dreams

[For this second edition, some poems have been altered for better flow, while others omitted and new poems put in their place]During our darkest moments, our souls yearn to release all that plagues us within. When we cage our most destructive emotions, they turn into a toxin that eats away at our core and leaves us as a skeleton of who we once were.This book of 31 poems was written over more than fifteen years steeped in a deep depression, a shattered heart, and self-destruction. Only when I poured my spirit onto the page did I find relief from what pained me. If you find sorrow to be as powerful and moving as I do and find solace in knowing that you are not alone in your battles with a perpetual melancholy, this book of poems may touch your soul. I hope my expressions may help others who are fighting the same demons that I had for nearly two decades.The book ends with the free-writing piece entitled 'She Lays Her Heart Upon My Soul' - a brief allegorical story filled with love and lust.

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Book Title: Of Desolate Dreams

Book Author: Levi A. Reed

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