The Newton Code: A Mystery Thriller

“Cunningly plotted and masterfully written.” - Readers’ Favorite.In a tunnel under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Michael, a teacher of investigative journalism, has to confront a powerful opponent. Will he succeed in his race against time? Will he prevail in his attempt to stop Armageddon?To succeed in his mission, Michael must delve into ideas, measurements, and calculations written 300 years earlier by Sir Isaac Newton.“Mystery, suspense, and adventure are woven into the fabric of this story, elevating it to a page-turner. You can’t stop once you start reading.” - Readers’ Favorite.Award-winning author, Liam Fialkov, draws a frighteningly realistic scenario of a volatile situation that could erupt at any moment. “Liam Fialkov is a great storyteller and it is interesting how he uses religion, myth, and history to build a conflict that advances the plot in directions no one can imagine.” - Readers’ Favorite.“An Irresistible Religious Conspiracy Thriller." - BestThrillers.Sir Isaac Newton is known as one of the greatest scientists of all time, but it is less known that he devoted much more time to secretive theological studies than he did to science. At the center of Newton’s esoteric research was his keen interest in the Temple of King Solomon, built about 3,000 years ago in Jerusalem."What a great thriller. The book is exciting, gripping, and action-packed, and you don't want to stop reading it. So, I recommend it to everyone who likes the mystery and thriller genre." - Online Book Club – Official ReviewFialkov is a fantastic writer, and THE NEWTON CODE moves with deft speed keeping the reader in suspense until the very end. While the plot is known half-way through the book, the eventual results of the penultimate conclusion cannot be guessed, even by the most astute reader or fan of the genre … Liam Fialkov’s THE NEWTON CODE is a perfect mystery thriller.- Indie Reader Michael embarks on a dangerous journey that spans over space and time, where he is not only learning about his undertaking, but he must also direct his gaze inward, to examine his core beliefs and rediscover the most significant relationships of his life."The Bottom Line: A must-read for fans of Dan Brown.”- BestThrillers INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS HONORING EXCELLENCE IN INDEPENDENT & MAINSTREAM PUBLISHINGTHE NEWTON CODE is an Award-Winner in the 2020 International Book Awards

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Book Title: The Newton Code: A Mystery Thriller

Book Author: Liam Fialkov

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