Paragon: Red Eye Vol.1-2

My name is Ryuzaki Luca, half an angel, half a demon. Perhaps that makes me a full human. I am a first year at the prestigious Kuzusaki High School, a nationally famous school that hides a mystery I have sworn to unravel, a mystery of the day my city burned and ash fell like snow. In the meantime, my grades take precedence over romance in order to maintain my scholarship, but I seem to keep running into women one after another. One might even think I’m gathering some sort of harem with the ecchi situations I keep getting caught up in and women I end up helping. And so starts my high school life, a psychological thriller filled with supernatural occurrences that have bled into the normal world after being concealed in the shadows for an eternity. Read as I carve out my story, one mystery at a time.

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Book Title: Paragon: Red Eye Vol.1-2

Book Author: Ly Yurimoto,Jimmy Pearson

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