The Soldier and The Author

Lt. Colonel Bailey Barker retires from her beloved United States Air Force upon the death of her mother, Clarissa. The Colonel does so with trepidation. All she has known, as a young woman entails caring for the men under her service as a registered nurse. Her last deployment to Afghanistan damages her with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. How could she witness her patients thrown into the air, when a grenade lands in the makeshift hospital, without suffering anguish? Lt. Colonel Barker throws herself over as many patients as possible. Offering her life for theirs was only one of many heroic deeds this soldier gladly did for her men. All of this, she leaves behind upon the death of her mother, Clarissa. Waiting for her is an easy life of luxury and convenience. Soon, Bailey discovers that the mother, whom she detested, shared her final days with a famous and handsome author. Immediately, the young woman regrets her refusal to visit or even phone her mother because now a stranger welcomes her into the estate named "Sunny." Quickly upon moving into the mansion, the arms which once sheltered her dying mother now console her from the shakes and pains which her fatigued-battled soul suffers. What sort of woman takes her dead mother's lover? How much additional pain will she create for herself? This damaged soldier has no time to regret her choices as tentacles of a past life pull her into the bizarre and dangerous life of Clarissa Barker and Oliver Greene.

Book Details

Book Title: The Soldier and The Author

Book Author: Linda Heavner Gerald

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1979622469